Saturday, January 22, 2022

Lets get rid of MLS

I’m moving. This is the 6th time I’ve moved in my adult life, it’s always a pain point. To get the best deal you have to search a million sites; I’ve had tabs open on hot pads, craigslist and domu for an embarassing number of days. Then there’s the junk that you have to sort through, half the adverts are fake or spam for apartment brokers while many of the good ones may go un-noticed.

Here’s a simple solution: use a blockchain, ala bitmessage. Realtors could provide streams, and, by way of these streams a longer than default hosting and retransmitting capability. Working with a realtor would improve the experience for both parties, while still allowing people to operate autonomously if they so please. This isn’t complex nor is it far-fetched. It probably doesn’t even require the industry leading encryption provided by bitmessage. Better yet it’s perfect for a market where listings age out and eventually become worthless. I’d host a full node in a heartbeat if it would get me access to everything in one place.