Saturday, January 22, 2022

Bitcoin ASIC Supplier Shootout

I’ve been mining crypto-currencies for about 6 months now; mostly Bitcoin, Litecoin and Namecoin in that order. We were [relatively] early in the asics market and the biggest thing stopping us from being wildly successful has been scams and late ship dates.

This is based purely on my personal experiences and nothing more so take it with a grain of salt. The order is based on how long we have been running gear from this supplier:

WTCR – Some of the first gear we purchased was Block Erupter Blades. WTCR was awesome to deal with (Thanks Sean!), they ship extremely quickly and are 100% honest. Their gear is somewhat expensive but their service is really stellar. If they fit your budget I would highly recommend them. You will have your gear in a day or two.

Butterfly Labs – We bought several Jalapeños on the secondary market. They worked OK, after taking one apart to change the clock (you can generally get about 9GH/s out of these) I notices this wasn’t a Jalapeño but rather a Little Single with a poorly designed power supply. We have also ordered 2 of their Monarch cards. I doubt we will ever see these cards. I believe that there something really sinister going on here. Their CEO is a convicted felon who is no stranger to fraud, he was convicted on a $25M mail fraud case several years ago . At best I think these guys are terrible engineers, at worst they’re all our fraudsters. I could (and perhaps will) write an entire post about these jokers alone.

KNC Miner – We have a few of their Jupiters. They shipped a little late (on the order of days), but over-delivered. We were expecting 550GH/s and got 670GH/s. I would buy as much from them as I possibly could. They are hard working, honest, Swedes. Kudos.

Advanced Miners – We ordered a single unit from them. They were initially very responsive but have since gone dark. I’ve heard from several sources that they’re all out fraudsters, and I’m starting to believe this myself.

HashFast – I haven’t ordered anything from these guys but I have met them and been to their San Francisco offices. They seem to be on the level and I think their gear is more or less days away from shipping. Their prices are very competitive.

BitFury – I’m presently thinking about ordering some gear from them. I’ve seen both their current and next generation of mining gear. It’s nice stuff and seems fairly robust. They’ve done a really nice job with their web interfaces. They have order minimums that make them inaccessible to most non-professional “coiners”.

Hope this helps the community avoid some of my [painful] mistakes.

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